I am a twenty-something seminary student living with my husband in Holland, Michigan. Worship leaders by vocation, our passion is to both learn and teach.  Admittedly, we have reformed theology in our bones (west Michigan, after all!), but it is a great joy of ours to learn from the global Church in all of her harmonizing denominational voices.


Christian worship is broad, beautiful, colorful, and eclectic. Something it should avoid being is confusing.  This blog is a designated avenue of reflection, a space to engage the patterns and intricacies of worshiping the triune God.  Why do we do what we do? Let’s find out together, ya?



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  • Chelsea,

    The experience I had last sunday evening was very refreshing in the least. “Healing” has been and continues to be a subject that I, personaly, meditate on daily…and then to be brought by the Spirit of the Living God into the sunday evening session. I have lots and lots to share from within my spirit, please email me at josephstable7x70@gmail.com at your convienience. Perhaps in the nearest future I can become more connected with what God is doing at Real Life.

    Joe Long

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