Beginnings Are Hard

September 11, 2013 § 3 Comments

Partway through my Old Testament class yesterday, my professor stopped and said, “Beginnings are hard.”  We had been discussing thoughts and ideas that were new to most of us, she sensed the unrest in the room.  Assuring us that what was important was not agreeing with everything, but to simply begin considering.  And that beginning will be hard.  She read us an excerpt from Chaim Potok’s In The Beginning which introduces us to a young boy being assured over and over again that it’s ok, “beginnings are hard.”



The academic year brings many new beginnings.  New schools, classes, lockers, people, expectations.  You might even notice small things in your life changing to fit a new rhythm of life, and even the small things can cause a little unrest.  Just this past week I found most of my worship planning taking place in the margins of my school notebook as God spoke throughout my day.  At the end of the day I would think deeply about what that meant for us and the service.  It was a slower, newer process.  Usually, it all happens in a little notebook you see me carrying around on Sundays in a very particular order and flow of thought.  But this week was different, the notes didn’t land in that notebook until later, and that’s ok!


God really blessed me last week in that little new beginning.  It may have been hard to accept a new way of doing things at first, but in the middle of all these classes and homework and life, it slowed me down.  What are some of the new beginnings in your life?  Do you find them difficult? Are you looking for the blessings in change?


Beginnings are hard.  Change is challenging.  Be open to considering the goodness, the gifts in it all.  God loves you so much.

Blessings as we continue to work through new and hard beginnings this week!

I love you,


§ 3 Responses to Beginnings Are Hard

  • derek says:

    I was wondering about your blog and if you have continued writing somewhere else I can follow or not. If not, I’d encourage you (if it is life giving for you) to continue writing here. I know this started as a platform for you at RLF, but it remains your platform. If you have other platforms now, then never mind this entirely. I just went back here today to see what you’ve been writing and realized you haven’t use THIS forum in a while. Thought I’d see if there was another forum that I could invite myself to or if you needed to be encouraged to write again.

    Ignore all of this if writing isn’t life giving to you, but I think I remember you enjoying it, and you were always really good at it, so, I mean…..

    Also, the 4 of us need to get together for dinner and wedding talk. We’d love to see you, hear where you guys are/ are not at with plans and see how we can help.

    Grace + Peace
    Derek + Kendra

    • Chelsea says:

      I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with this particular blog, because it I feel like it belongs to RLF. If there is someone else who is interested in engaging the worship life of the community in this way, I would gladly sign it over. But honestly, I miss this so much. Just talk talking about worship, but leading and learning about worship together. So the encouragement to write again is unbelievably helpful right now! I’ll email you about getting together. It’s exam week, so don’t expect anything from me until after Sunday : ) Love you guys!

      • Derek B Owens says:

        For sure. I don’t know that I can speak entirely officially on this matter, but I think the blog is yours and you should pick it back up.

        Just sayin’.

        Call us. Can’t wait to connect.

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