Textures of Creation

March 8, 2013 § 1 Comment

A question we will be asked on Sunday by our guest conversation leader is this: Does following Jesus make us more human, or less human? While I am not seeking to answer this question right now, I have some experiences I’d like to share. These experiences made me-a human- feel really blessed to be a human.


There are some religions and tendencies in Christianity that lean toward something like this: “The more spiritual I am, the more I transcend – triumph over – the human experience.”

I think back to a few months ago, when front and center on Sunday morning was the tub. A lot of people were baptized that day, there was a lot of celebrating and crying and clapping, and a lot of water.

A few nights ago, the high school and Savoring God groups combined for an opportunity to worship together. The Source leaders set up prayer stations all around the auditorium, each with a different focus and a different way to engage God and each other. It was light when the evening began. The sun set, darkness happened without most of us even realizing, the candles became the only source of light. There was incense. There were quiet movements.


Slap. Slap. Slap. The sound of dry feet on wet steps, the steps leading up to the pool. This sound woke me from any possibility of not paying attention. I could almost feel the water on my own feet. The sights, the sounds, the awareness of the joy surrounding these baptisms ushered me into that joy. I was invited to partake in death and rebirth. I was invited to remember my own baptism.

“Remember your baptism” is what I told each person who moved through the prayer station set up as confession and assurance last Sunday. I prayed along with them as each person made their way around the table to me. I was there waiting with a bowl of water. Dipping my fingers into the water and touching them to the skin of the foreheads, I said “remember your baptism.” I was struck by the texture of the skin under my fingertips. Nobody’s forehead felt the same. I wondered what mine felt like.


I hope they felt the water dripping. I hope they remembered the feelings, sights, and sounds of their baptisms. I hope I remember the texture of the skin on which I made the sign of the cross with water, the skin of real people, real humans living in real, God ordained bodies in a real, God created wold.


The more I worship Jesus with his people, I become more human. I become more and more what God created me – us- to be. We are being sanctified. And I’m so glad that means fully engaging the textures of creation.


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§ One Response to Textures of Creation

  • Jonathon says:

    What wonderful, beautiful pictures of Baptism and prayer and worship!

    If I were to take a stab at it, I think that all three of these things are so fully connected together that pulling them apart would be like unraveling a rug. In our baptism we are united to Christ; we are re-identified in Him. Through it we also receive the Holy Spirit, the sanctifier of our lives who is ever at work within us, transforming us into the image of Christ.

    As we follow Christ we are made more human, but not in the sense of “well he/she is only human” but in the sense of the humanity that is in Christ, who is the very image of God. As we follow Christ we become more and more who God made us to be… more and more human. We are re-imaged… re-membered… to become more and more like Jesus Christ! All of this is promised to us in our baptism!

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