Our Lenten Worship

February 21, 2013 § 1 Comment

First of all:

Ash Wednesday was really, really beautiful.  I’m so glad some of you were able to come spend the evening with each other in the dust.


And second:

Welcome to Lent.
I’ve been asking myself, along with the rest of the world it seems, “What am I supposed to give up?”  Over time, though, my question became, “Why give something up?”  In order to answer this question, we have to dive into the heart of Lent.  There is a resource I cling to in my worship planning needs, and it did not disappoint as Noah & I & the team prepared for this season.  The Worship Sourcebook does an outstanding job of introducing elements of worship and the seasons of the Church calendar. It is also packed full of corporate Scripture readings and prayers, and Scripture/season associations.  Love it.


So anyway, the Sourcebook helped me get to the heart of our Lenten worship.  We are:

1.Meditating on the necessity of Christ
2.Renewing our commitment to Father, Son, Holy Spirit and, through Him, to each other
3.Remembering in confidence that Christ has conquered sin and death


The heart of our worship is the Lord, and Lent is meant to help us prepare for the most important celebration in the Christian year, Easter.  Those three points above are our framework of preparation.  If breaking your soda or cigarette habit is your goal for Lent because you feel like losing weight or because smoking makes you feel guilty, you’re missing the point.


Lent is not about giving something up.  It is about repentance, preparation, and self-examination.  If that includes giving up soda because you feel that your health is at stake, great! By all means, give it up!  But do it because you know God desires you, because you are at your best when you are healthy and whole.  Maybe Lent doesn’t mean giving something up for you.  Maybe it means taking something on, like committing yourself to spending real time in the Word or with people who lift you up.


We’re only a few days in, it’s not to late.  It’s not too late to pick something up, lay something down, or to let God lead your Lenten worship in imaginative ways.


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  • Jon says:

    I love the Sourcebook’s description of Lent. As we would prepare for something big in our lives like a wedding or commencement, so too we prepare our hearts for good Friday and Easter Sunday!

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