He Cares

February 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

During a conversation with a friend of mine,
he told me that he doesn’t like to pray for himself.

Rabbit tracks in fresh snow. Photo by Chelsea

Rabbit tracks in fresh snow. Photo by Chelsea

He feels that his problems are too small to bring to God. In response, I told him a little something that God has put on my heart. Look outside your window. See all the snow? (If Michigan hasn’t melted it already) Think about every individual flake. God cares so much about the snow that he crafted every snowflake, and he crafted it uniquely.

Now think about the entire earth, and all of it’s history, and EVERY snowflake that has EVER fallen. God created it unique, and there is not a single snowflake that matches it. Even cooler? God knows and remembers every snowflake that He has ever created, and not a single snowflake that He is making right now or that He will make in the future will ever match one that he made in the past. Right now, as you’re reading this, God is crafting snowflakes that are completely unique from one another and from every snowflake in the history of the earth.

It’s more than just the snow. Every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every mosquito (I would be content if He left mosquitos out of the mix, but that’s why I’m not God), through ALL OF HISTORY, is COMPLETELY UNIQUE. Right now, as you are reading this, God is refining another grain of sand and placing it according to His purpose for this world. Would anything in this world change if God decided not to move the sand around? Probably not. Would anyone notice if God left a single grain of sand to sit in exactly the same place for all of eternity? Definitely not.

BUT HE DOES IT ANYWAY! Why does He even care?

I can’t distinguish one snowflake from another. When they fall and pile up with every other snowflake He created for that snowfall, they all just look like a big white blanket. If God made two snowflakes perfectly identical, nobody would even notice. But He continues to craft every snowflake by hand, and He continues to place every grain of sand EXACTLY where He wants it to go.

We can’t grasp who God is unless we take time to think about EVERYTHING He has done through the entire history of earth, down to the unique design of every snowflake that our eyes aren’t even able to appreciate.

The next time you think that your problems are too small to bring to God, look at the snow. If no snow is available, look for some sand. If no sand is available, dust is usually in pretty good supply. That’s right-God even makes every fleck of dust unique. If He cares so greatly about snow and sand, how much more does He care for your struggles? I guarantee your problems are bigger than a snowflake.

And if you still can’t appreciate what you’ve just read, think about the fact that He’s doing this on more planets than just earth. I’m sure we’re not the only planet that gets snow and sand.


Dylan is a longtime member of our community, a part of the music team, and a student at Kuyper College.  You’ll find him shredding on bass, making everyone laugh, and being an all around awesome dude on a regular basis.  


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