Post-Christmas Blues

January 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

Don’t tell my mom I’m posting this photo


Let me explain.  Those are my dad’s feet, that’s my mom in her pajamas, and that’s their dog, Ike, on his new doggy bed with his teddy bear.  The three of them feel asleep just as you see them while we were watching bad TV together. Me? Well, I had the decency to go to bed before I fell asleep.  Just kidding, it was just too hard to fall asleep in the rocking chair I was in.


It was December 26th and we were the best kind of tired.  We just spent the last two days with our family and our best friends, eating too much and laughing harder than I had in a while.  As I headed back to Holland the next day, I struggled to not feel sad and alone.  Christmas was over, back to real life.


FALSE.  Christmas is not over.  And the amazing thing about being Christ followers is that there is always something to celebrate. We’ve got TWELVE DAYS of Christmas!  Friends, this is why I love being connected to the Church Calendar.  When we live in the motions of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, we can never forget that we are part of an incredible narrative, a story that goes on and on and on…


If we choose to let our hearts travel with the Wise Men this week, anticipating with them the life that they are to find under the guidance of a star, there is no post-Christmas let down; on January 6, there is Epiphany.  Read up, and rejoice!

I love and miss you,



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