December 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

a: a center of activity, attraction, or attention
b: a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding


These tiny little pretzels came out of a bowl that was FULL of other stuff. A huge jumbled mess. And yes, everything in itself was good, mixed together it was good, but this little pile itself– which I was pretty proud of– came from the focus of one idea, the concentration and commitment to making one thing happen. So yes, I actually spent a good 15 minutes making this little stack of pretzels. (Way longer than I should have, let’s be real.) But when we transfer this concept over to the dreams God has given each of us, then focus ends up taking that dream out of the jumbled collection of Chex Mix in our mind and letting our energy be focused to raising this dream to the full potential. –Carly


The word “focus” has a few different definitions, but most of them come from one of two central ideas. It can describe a thing or idea that draws our attention or attracts our activity, or it can describe how clearly we see or understand something.


So, what if we pray for Jesus to be our focus? We are asking that Jesus would be the center of our attention and activity. We are also asking that Jesus might be the lens through which we see the world. Clarity comes only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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