Holy Spirit, Come

May 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

…but you will be baptized by the Holy Spirit.

Acts 1:5


It would be a great service to your mind for you to read Acts 2:1-21 before we continue.

Seriously, go ahead.  Click on the bold type.  I’ll wait.


Done? Have you stepped into the story? What’s really interesting about the event we’ll be celebrating on Sunday – Pentecost – is that these New Testament people were themselves stepping into a story.  The story was called “Pentecost” long before the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost, or “Festival of Weeks,” is actually a yearly celebration born out of Old Testament events.  Our New Testament brothers and sisters were gathered together to join the stories of their ancestors: Pentecost to them was a festival commemorating the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai, which took place 50 days after the Exodus.


We get to see Jesus do what he has done innumerable times in his ministry to his people.  Jesus steps into the story.  This is exactly what he did during the Passover Feast: he stepped in and reinterpreted the Passover Feast by instituting the Lord’s Supper.  He did not abolish the feast, he caused us to re-understand.  Pentecost is no exception.  These people in Acts 2, gathered from far and wide to celebrate the faithfulness of God in the Law, experienced Pentecost in ways unimaginable.  Jesus causes his people to celebrate with new eyes.  Instead of celebrating the Law given 50 days after the Exodus, we celebrate the Holy Spirit – the presence of God – 50 days after Easter.  Jesus once again proved his absolute faithfulness by bestowing the gift of the Holy Spirit and once again proved himself the absolute fulfillment of the Law.


So now we go, because Jesus said go.
But we go not alone. Amen.



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